Software engineer courses after with 100% job placements in IT industry

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Where to go for Practical Training Courses after B.Com

Hunting for a job right after graduation always poses some great challenges. The most difficult thing is to have the qualifications of a skilled workman. While education surely gives the theoretical knowledge, the practical is only obtainable through training institutes of repute like CIITNoida.


Gaining Knowledge


A good example of a training institute like CIITNoida has so far transitioned over 300+ careers, has provided 100% placement after training gives excellent salary packages for the students and has close to 170 corporate alliances hiring the students. Now how and with what motive these job training institutes function, providing the career-changing courses after

The answer happens to be the unified vision of some thorough professionals with high qualifications. These professionals strive to make the students ready as per the modern-day jobs of technical industry. For CIITN as an instance, the goal always remains in going deep to bring on the maximum perfection in the students.

The latest software engineering courses are so formed that candidates ranging from freshers to the very experienced can become the first hiring choice of the industries. The main backbone for the training institutes like CIITN is the staff. Their wholehearted dedication helps in nurturing the students towards their goals.


CIITNoida understands as an institute, merely developing courses after will not bring on effects or derive results from the students. The essentiality lies in creating the perfect learning environment that helps the students to grow and achieve all their career-specific goals.

Institutes like CIITN give the aura or the sense of being at the right place at the right time. A successful career with ample growth kick starts right there. The complete learning experience with various exposures to cutting-edge technologies and vast learning opportunity truly waits for many. So, exactly is on offer as one step in? The following;

·        Avail training as per industry expectations, to be fully employable

·        A 100% practical course on various servers, applications and databases

·        Software engineering courses, for instance, are modelled on the latest infrastructure of IT companies to add to the learning experience of the students.

·        Developers and admins who provide training to the students have a range of work experience from 7 to 11+ years in the industry.

·        The internship for the students has a live project hands-on work experience, thus setting the platform for the future.

·        Modules that prepare students for future job interviews.

·        At the completion of the course, students get a 100% placement. At the time of this placement, the students have an end to end practical knowledge. This benefits immensely the industries which the candidates ultimately join.


What Else on Offer?


Talking of software engineering courses alone from an institute of repute like CIITN, the training programs can range from;

·        Linux admin+ shell developer course with a duration of 4-6 months along with project internship.

·        JAVA full stack developer course, this too with a duration of 4-6 months and has project internship and

·        The Oracle Database Developer course that has 4-6 months duration along with project internship.

When students are looking for courses after can surely read about the programs on offer from training institutes like CIITNoida online, they can also book a demo class. All that is required is to go to the website of an institute like CIITN and book their seat for the next demo class.